Construction and Installation Services

Projects are executed by our team of experienced project managers and engineers in association with approved sub vendors. Our expertise is on construction of Flowlines and pipelines for oil, gas and condensates.
Construction and Installation Services

We have developed in-house technical capabilities backed by experienced project management team and supported by investment in key equipment to execute the under-listed Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation services:

  • Construction of oil and gas flowlines/pipelines with associated facilities (onshore/offshore).
  • Construction and Installation of oil and gas flowlines/pipelines using flexible composite pipes (onshore/offshore).
  • Structural fabrication of pipeline equipment, piping spools, pressure vessels, crude oil/ condensate tank.
  • Installation and upgrade of electrical, instrumentation & control systems.
  • Design, construction, installation & commissioning of Cathodic Protection Systems for oil and gas pipelines/facilities.


    We are well positioned to execute medium to large scale Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation packages.

    In collaboration with aforementioned reputable partners, we are well positioned to offer end to end solutions for both Greenfield capital projects and brownfield revamp works.

    We currently have the capacity to undertake projects up to 20,000,000.00 USD.